That can headphones with hybrid noise reduction, and a Qualcomm chip

That can headphones with hybrid noise reduction, and a Qualcomm chip

When you meet the sound and advanced technology, it turns out something interesting.

The Market for Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation at a price of about 20,000 rubles is developing rapidly. Bose may have been a pioneer in this segment, but many other audio manufacturers since also stepped into the ring, including Apple with their AirPods Pro. Many are looking for alternatives for 7-10 thousand rubles, however, if this model is active noise reduction and Bluetooth 5.0, the final price can be twice more. However, in the market periodically appear high-quality and affordable headphones, simply due to the large number of manufacturers, they are often difficult to "catch". But sometimes there are steep instances, including active noise cancellation.

How do work headphones with active noise cancelling? Remember the lessons of physics, namely the phenomenon of wave interference. A separate special case of this effect is the meeting of two waves of opposite phase. In this situation, as a result of addition of waves, they are completely pokazatsya. With the sound of the same story: the sound is also a wave, and to suppress the noise enough to make a sound which is in antiphase.

the Principle of operation of active noise control. One wave «dampens» another

Of Course, completely suppress the noise will not work, however, if all of this still listen to music on headphones, the surrounding sounds you will never hear. Headphones special microphone picks up loud sounds from outside, the processor inverts them, and adds in the playable music, quenching, thereby reducing external noise.

Typically for noise reduction is provided by a separate processor, and processes the Bluetooth signal has a different chip. However, with the development of industry processors appeared chip, able to support both functions on a single processor. This is the so-called "hybrid noise reduction". While she's developing, one of the pioneers was the QCC5124 chip from Qualcomm, but is already used in some headphones. For example, new .

Headphones are not only technologically advanced but also stylish

These headphones feature a hybrid noise reduction technology (direct and feedback), which can suppress noise in wide and narrow ranges to achieve the best effect. Unlike conventional models, which can suppress noise only to 25-28 dB, Tronsmart Apollo Bold can achieve noise reduction up to 35 dB.

comparison of the characteristics of Apollo Bold, AirPods and Sony Pro headphones

The characteristics of these headphones are almost not inferior to the eminent competitors that cost 2-3 times more expensive (for Apollo Bold please only 9000 rubles for Ali). But there is everything you need, including technology to support the simultaneous reception of the Bluetooth signal left and right headphones. Most headphones TWS, including the AirPods Pro, use the TrueWireless stereo technology, so the main liner first gets the signal and then passes it to another liner, which causes the delay. In these headphones, the signal is passed on to two of the ear — there is no delay and quality of transmission is higher. To learn more about them and buy right now at the link below.

Buy headphones with hybrid noise reduction

A Few months ago the manufacturer released other TWS headphones Onyx Ace, who relished both the journalists and the visitors of the forums audio. But the wireless headphone market is growing and evolving, so active noise cancellation is a new trend. According to a study by Tronsmart for 36% of buyers active noise cancellation is a key function when choosing wireless headphones. And what headphones do you like more?


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