How many cameras can be in a smartphone

How many cameras can be in a smartphone

The screen of the smartphone even in bright light looks good.

Bad is the manufacturer who does not try to surprise his potential client and attract his attention. Someone makes it scandalous advertising companies, someone - horse price tags, someone - advanced functions in the top segment, and someone - unusual generosity for its price category. One of these smartphones ended up in our newsroom a couple of weeks ago. When our colleague came and brought him with the words that it is worth 9,000 rubles, but he has five cameras, we at first thought that he was wrong. It turned out that we were wrong, and it is really possible. At the same time, the rest of the phone functions were practically not affected by this. Yes, do not expect from him a plague performance for such money, but at the same time he looks more profitable than his "classmates." Probably enough superficial judgments. If you're interested in discussing this in more detail and finding out what five cameras are, click "read more."

With the smartphones of this series I first encountered last year, when came out TECNO SPARK 4. Then I was a little skeptical about it, but used it for a while as a second phone and realized that not everything is so bad. Probably an indicator of the seriousness of the manufacturer. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the manufacturer is really associated with the English club Manchester City and in all this demonstrates, including a complete cover.

The case has the Mansity logo on it.

On various resources you can often find reviews and reviews concerning expensive smartphones. But now the technology has reached the point that the functions, which used to be the exclusive feature of flagship devices, are now rapidly coming into the budget segment. I'm not saying that a smartphone for 5,000 - 10,000 rubles will be better than a flagship. Of course, he will lose to him,but in terms of price-quality he will be almost a more profitable option.

In general, the smartphone to be discussed is very simple in itself, but there are a couple of features in it. They were the ones who caught our attention. I'll tell you about them now.

Such a power button can also pull on the feature, but not the most important.

When you first get acquainted with the phone really get the feeling that it costs more than it really is. I'd give him a price about 30% higher than he's actually worth. Yes, it has a plastic case and does not have some flagship chips, but it has a large bright screen and as many as five cameras on the body (four main and one front). There are some questions about the quality of the photos, but I will tell you about it in detail a little bit below.

The case also has a design with divergent beams. All this shimmers in the light and looks interesting, but given that the case is plastic, I would recommend using a case. Especially since the complete case looks very cool and does not look like a cheap accessory, which was put only to be - believe me.

There are stubs on the case so that the connectors do not get dirty.

I've always appreciated if manufacturers are good at packing their gadget. In this case, it is. Let everything inside and put thin partitions, but at least they are. Many low-cost smartphones are sold in "single volume." The smartphone is in a cardboard tray, and the rest is piled up by a mountain. It's not like that.

Only headphones that are put in the kit just in case want to comment. In reality, you won't want to use them, because in 2020 it's time to switch to wireless headphones. Moreover, even the manufacturer of this smartphone has some excellent models for their money (from 790 to 2,990 rubles).

I have already mentioned about the materials of the case, and from its features I can note the Glass Asahi Glass on the front and the fact that the case does not creak at all. The same I noticed in SPARK 4. Many smartphones in this category often creak if you squeeze them in your hand or bend slightly. Of course, it's not deadly, but it's unpleasant. The absence of a squeak indicates that the body is assembled very qualitatively and potentially it will be more durable in case of fall or other damage.

The case looks interesting. Notice the rays and texture of the back wall.

All the buttons on the case are on the right side. I don't really like it, but in defense I can say that the power button is exactly under the thumb. The SIM card tray is on the left and it's a real tray king. It fits two sims and one memory card. When you take him out of the enclosure for the first time it seems endless.

The TECNO SPARK 5 screen has several features that draw attention to yourself. The first will be the camera in the hole, and the second - that the screen covers more than 90 percent of the front panel. Such a small framework is indeed a good indicator.Only the "chin" draws attention to itself. It's big, but it usually closes with your hand, so it's not that scary.

The screen diagonal is 6.6 inches,which makes the smartphone great. The ratio of the sides of the screen 20:9 compensates for this size and the body lies in the hand very conveniently.

The screen is a little stretched.

Long thought how to describe the smartphone in one word, and came up with only "completed." It's really well tuned and the content from it is nice to watch. It's a case of you not even wanting to improve. If you quibble, we can say that the resolution of 1600 to 720 points is not enough for such a diagonal, but we remember the price and everything falls into place.

If you don't like the hole in the screen, just like me, you can turn on the false frame. In this case, the top of the screen will be a black stripe, it will become the correct shape and the camera will not be visible.

There is a light light next to the camera.

The smartphone runs on Android 10 with the hiOS 6 branded shell. It all looks very nice, however, in the settings menu some items somehow out of place.

At the heart of the computing power is the quad-core MediaTek Helio A22 processor with a frequency of 2 GHz. 2GB and 32GB of built-in, but it can be expanded with microSD cards up to 128GB. In general, these are just averages for the segment. Play top games, of course, you can, but on minimals. Although the smartphone has a game mode, but I would not call it a skate.

The smartphone is unlocked by both fingerprint and face scan. Both systems do not work very quickly, but are quite tolerable. There's nothing to add - everything just works.

Maximum brightness of the screen puts the battery, but it helps to use the smartphone on the street.

But it is necessary to add about the battery, the capacity of which is 5000 mAh. Interestingly, in last year's model its capacity was 4000 mAh. There is no fast charging. The complete power supply produces only 5 volts and 2 amps. Charging through microUSB. By the end of the day I had about 25-30 percent of the battery, but we all understand that it is relative and everyone will have different battery consumption.


Five thousand machs, five cameras... That's the magic of numbers. It seems that since it's SPARK 5, it should only have five. So far, that's how it works.

This is what the main TECNO SPARK 5 camera looks like.

Cameras in the smartphone are really five - four main and front. The main quadcopter consists of modules with a resolution of 13 MEGAPIXEL (main module), 2 megapixels (definition of depth for background blurring), 2 megapixels (macro module for shooting from a distance of 2 cm) and 0.08MP (AI module).

The AI module recognizes up to 10 scenes to optimize the camera settings for them. In addition, he is responsible for the work of HDR. It is very well noticeable when you shoot something against the sky and the contrast turns out terrible, but while keeping the picture comes out much better.

It worked out well here.

Everything is juicy and balanced

The sky didn't turn out very well

So pulls HDR. Before shooting the trees are just black.

It's a tricky picture, but it worked out well.

Notice the blur.

It's all clear.

There are small problems with the details, but overall not bad.

For such conditions, the image is fairly balanced

There are some problems with the sky.

In general, given the cost of the smartphone, there are no claims to the camera. Of course, it does not pull some scenes, but sometimes it works very well and the detail of the pictures is obtained at altitude. It seemed to me that sometimes automation, practicing pictures, a little takes them to warm shades, but this does not happen often. I noticed this only when shooting in cloudy weather and that is not always.

Given that the pictures from the smartphone look mostly on the smartphone or are published on social networks, the camera seems very good for such scenarios of use. Download the originals of the most revealing photos you can to evaluate the result.

The front-facing AI camera has an 8MP resolution and is equipped with a dual flash. It has the effect of natural lighting and the ability to take colorful photos in the dark. To make selfies have a higher quality smartphone has the technology of a large pixel (4 in 1). Subjectively it seemed to me that the frontal is a little rarer than many, is mistaken with the fact that it is necessary to blur when taking portraiture, but perhaps it is just an error.

The maximum resolution with which TECNO SPARK 5 allows you to shoot video is 1920 by 1080 points (FullHD). However, if you do not plan to share a video or transfer it to your computer, choose 720p. This will correspond to the resolution of the screen and will not waste precious memory.

Girls necessarilywill appreciate the fact that the smartphone equipped with the function of beatification with AI in video mode. In addition, you can use the automatic make-up mode during the video call. And among the features of the connection can be noted support for calls on WhatsApp and VoLTE, the ability to record a conversation in WhatsApp and beatifkasation during a conversation in one click.

By completing the story of the phone, I want you to understand everything I've said above. I have long understood that any device should be considered with a reference to its price. Of course, premium smartphones will work many times faster, much better to shoot and they will have expensive materials of the case, but they will cost more. TECNO SPARK 5 costs only 8,999 rubles and it should be taken into account when evaluating its characteristics.

The smartphone turned out to be very decent.

It will not have a plague performance or exorbitant, but against the competition it looks decent and has the same features in the form of a camera in the screen, five cameras on the body and a large battery.

For its price, the smartphone turned out to be good, but if you want to spend on a smartphone 50,000 rubles, of course, I will not assure you that you need to take this device. We are adequate people and understand the realities of the electronics market.



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