In deep space discovered a round, mysterious objects

In deep space discovered a round, mysterious objects

Four mysterious object found in the depths of space, not like what the famous astronomers

Astronomers are regularly discovering new objects. While in the past, humanity knew nothing about what was happening on the far expanse, the cosmic ocean. So there's absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that each new object in the telescope – a boon for astronomers. Our current understanding of how the space will come in handy when trying to understand the new, mysterious objects that reveal the researchers. There are several methods by which astronomers can determine what constitutes a particular object, for example, his reaction to the natural phenomena of distant space. But what kind of mysterious objects researchers found this time?

A Strange round objects in deep space, researchers have observed using telescopes. These objects, like the words of British astronomers , «apparently, do not correspond to any known feature type». At the same time, there is no final explanations of how these celestial bodies could be formed. So far, four were found round objects, three of which have glowing edges. To explain the origin of the objects scientists are not yet able to. But what is this object?

Researchers believe that «unexpected class of astronomical object» it may be spherical shock wave from dramatic events elsewhere in the galaxy. It may include the blast from such powerful events as fast radio bursts, gamma-ray bursts, or merging neutron stars, which themselves remain mysterious phenomena on which researchers known for a long time. These objects can also provide a new perspective on already known phenomena.

Round objects that appear bright on the edges, was discovered when astronomers studied archival data of radio telescopes in Australia and India.

Astronomers say it's possible that these objects represent a variety of objects that were seen at the same time thanks to new opportunities of observation. The objects were spotted by using a new type of radio telescope, the Australian Quadratkilometer array Pathfinder, as the authors of the study accepted for publication in the journal Nature Astronomy. Four round mysterious object was discovered when a researchers was working on drawing the evolutionary map of Universe (EMU) survey, which scans the sky.

As the researchers write in the paper which can be found on the server after the detection of the objects they got called ORCs, or «strange Radiotray» (Odd Radio Circles). This name was chosen because to explain their origin, scientists still can not. Circles occur frequently on the astronomical images and can be a symptom of a number of different objects. Roughly speaking, they can be anything from supernova remnants, planetary nebulae or something like that of the protoplanetary disk or zvezdopada galaxy at a certain angle. It is also possible that these mysterious objects can indicate an error or malfunction of the equipment for observation.

The Exact distance to the ORCs at the time of this writing remains unknown. Astronomers believe that objects can be related to distant galaxies, as they are outside the galactic plane of the milky Way galaxy, which, as I wrote earlier, the Estimated size of the mystery Radiocarpal says that they are about thirty times less than the moon. It should be noted that the true nature of ORCs can be much more exciting than the wild and crazy theories put forward in the present. Radiotray can be proof of the existence of which we have never seen or celestial bodies, the existence of which we had no idea all these years.

Objects ORCs can have several explanations, however, is that astronomers are unable to say with certainty what it is

It is Noteworthy that the mysterious Radiotray invisible in the visible, infrared and x-ray spectrum. The two objects at their centers is galaxy. This forces astronomers to assume that they could form the same galaxy. At the moment there are only four objects – which is not enough in order to be able to talk about the final opening. Anyway, astronomers will continue to study the sky, hoping to find the source of strange circles and solve the mystery of their appearance. What do you think, what are these mysterious objects? To share a response in the comments to this article, as well as with participants


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