Is there a Bermuda triangle in fact

Is there a Bermuda triangle in fact

whether There is really? Oh not the fact.

For Many years people secretly or openly believe in the Bermuda triangle. Some argue that it does not exist, while others believe that it is real. Disputes do not cease for many years, but we usually try to tell all versions, so everyone can decide for himself what he believed. About the Bermuda triangle, we also repeatedly wrote and argued about what it is and why it is happening so much mysterious. When we wrote these articles, we argued that all this is true, but on the contrary, it was described with a certain degree of skepticism. Now it's time to talk about whether it exists at all. However, the conversation will be short, and the answer is simple and clear.

History of the Bermuda triangle periodically acquires interesting features, as disputes flare up with new force. This happens every few years, creating a truly viral story. Often they even begin with ”Experts finally solved the mystery of the Bermuda triangle!”. Oooo... How scary and mystical as it sounds, but is there really this secret or is it all just speculation of people who want to believe in something mystical. Just want to say that I have nothing against such a desire, and he sometimes like to speculate on something that seems mysterious.

Sometimes talking about everything mysterious that happens in the Bermuda triangle, accompanied by photographs of a strange kind. Sometimes there are pictures of clouds, which parted as if some unknown force. Sometimes the mystical waves that it is unclear where taken. Sometimes this is the usual sketches that have nothing to do with reality, until the eddies spanning a large ship.

there Are sketches. Well how can you not believe?

This really is not to say that the Bermuda triangle actually exists. By and large it is just a piece of the ocean in the shape of a triangle, whose vertices coincide with the state of Florida (USA), Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

the Bermuda triangle is located here.

This begs the question: is there something mystical in this area or is it just a region of our planet, hunted within certain limits of the human imagination? May not be worth it at all not what to be afraid of this part of the ocean, but to ascribe to it some mystical properties? Moreover, what is actually in this area there are no mystical and unexplained disappearances. That it is important to emphasize the word ”mystic” and inexplicable, after the usual disappearance there, but they are described in detail and any questions from the experts is not for them.

Sometimes, talking about the Bermuda triangle, show such pictures.

For the First time about the Bermuda triangle actually started talking only in the 1950s, years after the journalist Edward van Winkle Jones write an article in Associated Press about the fact that in this region very often occurs something strange and lost ships and planes.

The Present popularity of the idea of the Bermuda triangle gained when in the 1970s, the years Charles Berlitz has published the bestseller ”the Bermuda triangle”. At about this point about this place I learned literally everything and began to actively discuss. People in this region, about the mysterious monsters of the deep, sudden winds and other game, which supposedly takes place in the waters of this region.

and why they killed the ships.

The only problem was and is that many of the facts that are presented as historical, or invented, or exaggerated, or just happened outside of the Bermuda triangle.

However, the story is very corrosive and has firmly taken root in society. Largely due to the fact the desire of some to learn about something inexplicable and desires of others to make money and just to become famous on this. Therefore, they adjust the historical facts on the patterns of mystical events. The fewer people who knew about it, the easier something is not finish. Anyway, how much do we know about accidents at sea?

We know only when a large tanker spill tons of oil or collapsing on the side of the Costa Concordia. Hence the innuendo, because the stories often appear brown small fishing boats, yachts, or something larger, but very old. Then all the little details were, and now you can think out anything.

About the Costa Concordia, many people know, but on other incidents at sea?

American author and researcher Benjamin Radford, known for its skeptical attitude to many things, expressed the following opinion about the mysticism that occurs in the Bermuda triangle.

In some cases, simply no records about ships and airplanes, alleged to have been lost on the water a triangular cemetery. They never existed outside the imagination of the writer. In other cases, the ships and the planes were real enough — but Berlitz and others deliberately omitted details of the crash. Inparticularly that perished during severe storms. In other cases, the court generally sank far outside the Bermuda triangle.

Indeed, there are some real boats and ships that went missing in the region. But do not forget that there is frequently visited by tankers, cruise ships, small pleasure boats and various aircraft (including private). In addition, the region itself is quite dangerous from the point of view and, most importantly, of the Gulf stream. And so it turns out that the mystery of the Bermuda triangle is that in this story, just a lot of vagueness.

you Can talk about mysticism in the Bermuda triangle, but by and large it is just a piece of the ocean with its natural phenomena.

Of Course, now told me and the same said by experts, will be enough to discourage people to dream and to share their opinions on the topic Bermuda triangle. Well, no need, that's interesting. Moreover, far to seek, and to talk to .


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