Why positive changes in your life hurt?

Why positive changes in your life hurt?

it Turns out that positive changes can cause sadness and melancholy.

We tend to think that only negative changes cause pain. We associate pain with losses, failures and setbacks. However, in our life there are positive changes that also come with a share of suffering, what may seem somewhat unexpected. Often this is selected the changes will probably make us better in the long run, but they are not without discomfort, which sometimes infests us in the form of sadness, melancholy, or even anxiety. But if we are not ready to cope with this share of discomfort, it is likely that positive changes will eventually seem melancholic, and the experience which at first seemed positive, turn into a real nightmare. But why?

In life some changes we choose, others are imposed on us by circumstances. However, both takes us out of comfort zone, where we felt relatively confident and calm. Changes push us to abandon the familiar and this familiar security mechanism, to which we are accustomed and which is implemented by our psyche. It can to scare us.

Our brain prefers consistency and stability, which brings all the familiar and known. That's why in the face of changes, even if they are positive, you can activate the mechanism of resistance to change. Resistance to change usually occurs when the future is frightening, usually because the environment is too demanding or too vague.

Scientists believe that any life changes, even positive, can lead to melancholy.

We can't forget that, although the changes are positive, for example, a promotion, moving to another city, or the breakup of a toxic partnership, it is always an exercise in courage because of the degree of uncertainty that bring change. of Any change is a kind of leap into the void. Some people changes are more complicated and heavier than others. That's why some positive changes in life can lead to anxiety and stress. And that's why pessimists live less optimistic .

It is Assumed that if the changes are positive, we cannot but feel excited, motivated and happy. But this is not always the case. The human mind is much more complicated. In life don't just happen things that are completely positive or completely negative. In the end, the world is not black and white, and any changes associated with progress. That's why you have to leave behind past experiences, habits or even people. Change — it's goodbye to some things that were a part of our life or even our personality. And it can be especially painful.

Disclaimer — that's the price you have to pay when we want to enter a new phase of our life stories. In this case, we can accept the changes with ambivalent position, because we know everything that is going to win, but we also know that we have a lot to lose. If we can't deal with the pain that can cause this is goodbye, that attachment may ultimately slow down the path of transformation, on which we stepped. This will be an obstacle that prevents us to continue to move forward.

In fact our whole life is an endless attempt to adapt to changing environmental conditions

That's why it is important to know that, even if the changes are positive, they can lead to unexpected negative emotional States. To successfully complete this stage, you need to take the pain. We have to assume that every transformation — it is always the sharing of profits and losses between our past self and future self. We must also be prepared for the bad days that will inevitably come. At some point want to quit everything. However transtheoretical model of behavior change explains that the process of change does not occur linearly. We pass through several stages, which move back and forth, returning to them exactly as long as the transformation is not fully konsolidiruyutsya.

In Order not to collapse when we go down this path, marked by an ambivalent emotions and feelings, we should focus on the new possibilities that open up before us. Remember, what prompted you to do this step what changes you seek. - Focus on what we want to achieve and strive to upgrade our current «I»… up to the new circumstances and changes. It is important to understand that change, even if they are good, not always easy. But if we go through them, they are definitely worth it.

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