There is a radio station, which broadcasts in 1982, and nobody knows why

There is a radio station, which broadcasts in 1982, and nobody knows why

Agree, there is something special in the old Soviet tape recorders and radios

On the territory of the largest country in the world there is a city shrouded in many mysteries. Thus, according to one of them, in St. Petersburg there is a mysterious radio station that has been broadcasting since 1982. There is even a suggestion that «MDZhB» (MDZHB) is a spy radio, it's the way of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to follow all living creatures on the planet (something similar was written in the British in 2017), but today we know only that the signal was in a swampy area near St. Petersburg.

Let's Start with the fact that all the talk about a mysterious radio station is talk about the noise with a frequency of 4625 kHz and most often it is just a buzzing sound. However, sometimes in the midst of this «white noise» there are code words and numbers, spoken with a Russian accent. And besides, what the signal source is located somewhere in a swampy area near St. Petersburg, more about it know nothing. One of the reasons I will not afraid this word – misunderstandings, lies in the fact that the stream no one followed.

However, according to others «theories» MDZhB – secret spy technology of the aliens and the Russian military or other secret government projects – welcome to the Twilight Zone/Area 51/x-files/the Poltergeist and the list goes on. But you know what's wonderful in this story? the Anyone in the world can tune in to the station.

One wild theory is that it is a system» dead man » to launch nuclear bombs from Russia if the country was already englishraven.

The First recording of the alleged radio was made in 1982. Professor David Staples, a specialist in signal intelligence from city University, London, believes that the «the signal does not contain absolutely no information.» of Staples believes that the noise has changed a bit over the years, but he always included some form of regular buzzing, interrupted by a voice that sometimes obviously read the message.

As BBC Future, it is believed that the frequency belongs to the Russian military, although they would never admit it. The station began broadcasting at the end of the cold war era, when communism was already in decline. Today, they operate from two locations around St. Petersburg and Moscow. Ironically, after the collapse of the Soviet Union activity is not stopped, and has increased dramatically.

So, let's look at the situation critically: if the radio station is really an alien spy program, what are the other signs of the presence on Earth of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations was discovered by scientists? Why is no one of them knows nothing? (Options for answers about conspiracy theories ). As for the more rational speculation, according to one theory, the station is used by the Russian army for the detection range of the missiles during the tests. This explanation, however, does not seems plausible, as the waves needed for this type of detection will sound more like «car alarm» and not long lasting buzz.

Note that high-frequency radio signals can propagate only in a straight line and eventually fade in the face of obstacles or reaching the horizon. But at high frequencies there is an additional trick – they can reflect off the charged particles in the upper atmosphere, allowing them to move zigzag between the earth and the sky and overcome the thousands, not tens of kilometers.

Another possible explanation is that this radio station exists to «voice» how far is the reflecting layer of charged particles. The higher the distance to the reflecting layer and the travel time of the signal to the sky and back, the higher the frequency which it should have.

Anyone can listen mysterious radio station, just to set up a radio to the right frequency

And yet, many believe that this station is a hybrid of the two things. Constant hum – it's just a marker, saying something like «this frequency is mine, this is my frequency» that people could not use it. But state MDZhB acquires importance only in times of crisis, for example, in case of military aggression or other emergency situation. In this situation, the work of the mysterious radio station will become a way of instructing the world the Russian spy network and the Russian army in remote areas. What do you think, what is MDZhB? Heard about it sometime? Response


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