How much food can a man eat in 10 minutes?

How much food can a man eat in 10 minutes?

Photo from the Championship for eating hot dogs in new York

The entire history of its existence, mankind has invented a huge number of sports. In the Olympics there are 57 sports disciplines, and in the event of 2020 it was planned to add 8 new events. Participating in them, the athletes demonstrate amazing abilities of their organisms, to achieve record results requires years of diligent training. As a rule, most sport competitions have a good health, but in the world there are competitions in which people are simply ruining their bodies. One such competition is the annual championship eating hot dogs at Coney island (USA). The participants can in a few minutes to cram in dozens of rolls with sausage. But how do they do it?

Competition eating hot dogs organized by the American eateries Nathan’s Famous since 1972. The event is strictly July 4 of each year — in 2020, he also passed but, because of the risk of the spread of coronavirus, participants and spectators were required to wear masks and observe social distance. During the competition, participants stand at a long table with a bunch of hot dogs and drinks. Their goal is simple — to win you need to eat as many buns in 10 minutes. To prevent burns, the hot dogs are served slightly chilled. The use of spices are not prohibited, but they are rarely used parties, it is sufficient to wash down the buns with water.

the participants of the championship and a huge table

Currently, the record for eating hot dogs is an American named Joey Chestnut (Joey Chestnut). In the framework of the recent competitions, he managed 10 minutes to eat 75 rolls with sausage. The previous record also belonged to him in 2018 he won the competition for the eleventh time, 74 swallowing a hot dog. You would think that he was suffering from excess weight, but no — he has quite a slender figure. In addition to the championship for eating hot dogs, he participates in competitions on eating of spicy chili, ice cream and other products.

the One with Joey chestnut, who in November 2020 will be 37 years old

According to physiologist James Smriga (James Smoliga), well-trained people in 10 minutes can even eat 84 hot dog. This, at least, mentioned in the material from scientific . It depends on the ability of the digestive organs to stretch without any physical damage. Whereas a normal person under ten minutes to eat a dozen rolls, regular participants handle it several times better. And all because their digestive system is already accustomed to heavy loads. In the beginning of his career in 2005, Joey chestnut one minute ate 267 grams of hot dog. By 2018, he raised this figure up to 740 grams.

Overeating usually leads to obesity, but the champion on eating of hot dogs looks quite healthy.

Eaters of hot dogs, just as athletes improve their abilities. Only here the work of the adherents of these sports strengthens their health, whereas American participants of the championship simply ruining your body. According to scientists, eating large amounts of food followed by "stretching" the authorities clearly carries with it bad consequences. They believe that participation in competitions can cause weakening of the intestinal muscles. This phenomenon is dangerous because the human body will accumulate harmful substances — food is simply hard to go through the gastrointestinal tract.

Interesting fact: in one hot dog contains about 290 calories

The Danger is not only in a huge amount of food. Don't forget that hot dogs are to fast food, which is considered very harmful to human organism with food. For example, in 2018 the author of Sergey gray said that "fast food" — immune cells almost go crazy. Especially much fast food popular in the US but in the world there are places where McDonald's doesn't exist — you can see them .

In General, on the subject of healthy eating, we have a lot of articles. One of the most substantial material I believe Ilya Hel . In his work he talked with several experts and tried to understand whether there is perfect for each person's diet. As it turned out, to develop a diet it is possible.


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