The city with the most polluted air has become cleaner

The city with the most polluted air has become cleaner

the Air in the Indian city of Delhi is considered to be dangerous to health

According to the environmentalists from Greenpeace, there are exactly 30 cities, which are almost filled with debris. We all have heard about the bad environmental situation in India, it is not surprising that the 22 most polluted cities are located in this country. In 2019, it became known that the level of air pollution in the Indian city of Delhi has reached its limit and was officially recognized as a health hazard. Then the city was covered with a suffocating shroud of exhaust gases, which were closed schools and halted construction work. Cause of sudden pollution was the burning of agricultural fields to prepare the land for the next planting. Since then, a few months passed and the researchers announced that the air in the city became much cleaner. You already guess why?

I'm Sure you already know the answer to this question, but still — before the announcement of the clues, let's look at how much India has refreshed the air. Recently, researchers from the University of Surrey (England) decided to evaluate the amount of harmful substances in the air five Indian cities: Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. In particular, they were interested in the concentration of fine particles PM2.5 — the 10-nanometer elements are pieces of soot, asphalt, heavy metals and other harmful substances. It is believed that they are harmful for the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system and the entire human organism as a whole.

A team of scientists studied the composition of the air in Indian cities and that over the past few months he has become much cleaner. So, in the city of Mumbai has been found on 10% less . But most of all what surprised the researchers was the air condition in Delhi — it has become cleaner by as much as 54%! To clean air cities from remote places far away, but this is a great result. It turns out that the residents of Indian capital will receive less injury. And that's great news.

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It is Worth noting that for several months the air has become cleaner in the other large cities of our planet. In Vienna, Austria detrimental to the human body substances was 60% less. The Chinese city of Shanghai also can not be called clean, but the air was fresh for as much as 42%. And now guess, when the air started clean? Of course after the announcement of the quarantine of pandemic coronavirus.

Nature has indeed had the opportunity to be cleansed of harmful substances. And all because many factories shut down, people no longer drive cars and in General just started to stay home. And whether or not to tell? We are a few months sat on my sofa, watching a meme like "nature purified so that returned to the streets of the world". And to come we could only be in the store for food, and then we spent a few minutes wiping products, antiseptics.

"All in quarantine, so the dinosaurs finally go back to the streets of Lisbon. The nature of healing. The virus is us," he joked.

According to one of the authors of the study Prasanta Kumar (Prashant Kumar), some people by purifying the air during the period of quarantine is not surprising. But this news is worth a look from a different angle — just think of how many harmful substances makes humanity at the usual time. Every morning hundreds of thousands of cars taking their owners to work and pollute the air with exhaust gases. People use aerosols and at almost every turn , plastic bottles and other debris. If the waste and throw it in the trash, then to transport them are still used fuming trucks. And in landfills, this waste is burned in the air again, thrown out tons of harmful substances. And this happens in every city of the world. But on our planet there are about 2.3 million urban settlements.

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