How dogs understand human language?

How dogs understand human language?

Dogs can understand our speech and it is proved by science

Many dog owners believe that their Pets are well aware of the words they pronounced. Indeed, most of the animals instantly respond to their nicknames and perform various commands. Skeptics probably think that this is just a coincidence or just a habit of Pets, but no — the fact that dogs understand human speech, there is scientific evidence. One day Hungarian scientists conducted an experiment, in which said dogs are different words and watched the activity of different departments of their brain. It turned out that they perceive the spoken word and the intonation is almost the same as you and me. According to them, to learn how to talk to dogs, you need to follow an important rule — the words should be familiar to the animal, and pronounced with a distinct intonation. But why?

About how dogs understand human language, he said . In the framework of scientific work Hungarian scientists trained 13 dogs to lie still inside the machine to conduct magnetic resonance imaging. With this medical equipment, the researchers can monitor the active brain without surgery. During the brain scans, said dogs three kinds of words:

Scans show that when dogs hear for yourself familiar words like "good boy", they aktiviziruyutsya the left hemisphere of the brain. When they hear laudatory intonation, they have activated right-hemisphere — neutral tone of voice, no reaction was observed. The greatest activity of dog brain demonstrated when researchers spoke encouraging words with vasculiarnah intonation. In particular, the animals include the centre of pleasure that is also very active in obtaining the affection and delicious treats.

Researchers and "good boys" of the MRI machine.

According to the researchers, the same way works and the human brain:

Basically, the work of the left hemisphere of the human brain is processing the meaning of the word, and the work of the right hemisphere in the processing of intonation. The brain combines these two types of information and understand what was going on they explained.

It Turns out that our Pets are well aware, when we praise. Only here the question arises — do they understand when they have done something wrong and the man scolds them for it? Hungarian scientists studying the issue are not involved, but research on a similar theme recently conducted a group of scientists from Portugal. In the experiment involving 92 dogs, some of them were taken from the schools in which animals are blamed for the failure of the teams. The second group of animals was trained by reward for success. So, individuals who are often abused, have experienced more stress than those . It turns out that dogs still understand when they are abused. What is not scientific proof?

With all of this, scientists do not know exactly how many words familiar to the dogs. This is probably individual for each individual — if the owners regularly praise your pet and their actions show their goodwill, the dog will know more words. The same rule must be true in the case of abuse towards Pets, but to yell at them better not in the framework of the aforementioned study, it was found that stress changes the behavior of the dogs in the worst way.

it is Scientifically proven that dogs can experience stress that affects their behavior.

Generally, research on the understanding between dogs and people are conducted regularly. At the end of 2019 I told you about a scientific work on the topic of what people better understand the emotions of their Pets. As it turned out, to recognize the joyful and evil spirits of animals can people of any gender and age. However, to catch the more subtle coloring of mood dogs are capable only of adults to children is, alas, not under force. In my opinion, this is a very interesting study which reveals many interesting things about the relationship of people and animals, so I recommend to read the results .


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