5 of the most unusual plants on Earth

5 of the most unusual plants on Earth

In 2016, the staff of the Royal Botanic gardens (UK) counted the number of plants worldwide. In their opinion, at that time, scientists were aware of about 390 900 species of trees, shrubs and all that. Every year they become more — scientists are actively looking for new varieties and add to this list. Every day we while walking see birch, pine, grass and other vegetation, which we have no surprise. But did you know that in other parts of the world grow plants that emit a rotten smell, able in an instant to cause a heart attack or eat quite large animals? In this article, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the most unusual plants of the world to come, which you obviously would not want. That's really really — you have no desire to see something known as "corpse Lily"? Sounds disgusting and looks even worse.

Let's Start with the aforementioned "corpse Lily" which in the scientific community known as Rafflesia arnoldii (Rafflesia arnoldii). To encounter this plant is very difficult, because it grows only on the Islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan which are close to Indonesia. It was first discovered in 1818 by a group of researchers under the leadership of the English naturalist Joseph Arnold (Joseph Arnold). It was in honor of his plant got its name.

Flower Rafflesia Arnold (Rafflesia Arnoldii)

The First feature of Rafflesia Arnold is that it dissolves the largest flowers in the world — their diameter can reach 100 meters, and the weight can reach 8 kg. They are painted in a reddish-brown color, the buds ripen a few months, but the flowering occurs in just a few days.

I Wonder how he manages to sit so close to the plant?

The Second feature of Rafflesia Arnold is the horrible smell of the flower. While roses are among the most fragrant of plants, the Rafflesia can be considered the most nauseating — to give such a gift, certainly not worth it. People who have dealt with this herb claim that it smells like rotten meat. But all this is no accident, because this "scent" attracts insects that pollinate the flowers and help plants to grow. At the moment, the Rafflesia is considered endangered because people cut down forests where they grow.

In childhood many of us batted thickets of nettles, but why anyone is not clear, it was just fun. The nettle family of plants includes about 100 species and the most formidable of them is Gympie-Gympie (Dendrocnide moroides). It grows in the rainforests of Australia and Indonesia and is considered almost one of the most dangerous in the world. And all because he "bites" people is much stronger than the common nettle. Yeah, stick it don't beat, yourself is worse.

In view of the Gympie-Gympie — ordinary plant

This plant is so dangerous that one touch to a leaf can trigger a person . And all because people instantly feel the terrible pain that would not wish even the enemy. Some people even called the Gympie-Gympie "plant suicide" because stung people so can't endure the pain that is ready to take his own life and to get rid of suffering. However, all this is certainly an exaggeration — officially recorded cases of suicide because of this plants have not been.

It feels as though the body was sprayed with hot acid and let the electric current, — said the nerd Marina Hurley (Hurley Marina), which once touched a dangerous plant.

The Affected plant place is covered with red spots, which later merge into one big tumor. It may not disappear for several weeks to several months. The exact composition of the contained poison is unknown, but in the world died at least one person and a huge number of dogs and horses. But, some animals are immune to this venom and can safely eat the leaves of the Gympie-Gympie.

In the rainforests of Brazil, you can come across another unusual plant — Aristolochia (Aristolochia salvadorensis). These vines bloom only a very short period of time, which greatly hinders people to see her main feature. And it is that its 5-inch flowers and is very similar to the helmet of one of the main characters from the space Saga "Star wars."

But really, very similar to the helmet of Darth Vader! And spider-man…

Like many other unusual plants, this kind of emits not the most pleasant smells nerds again compare them with the stench of rancid meat. As in many other cases, unpleasant odors attract insects that are necessary for plant development. To fly taken with a sufficient amount of pollen, the inner part of Aristolochia covered with sticky hairs, sitting on flowers, insects linger on them much longer than usual.

Flowering Darth Vader is sometimes very much

If you want to see itthe plant is live, you can visit the Botanical garden of the Japanese city of Kyoto. And so, in nature the chance to meet her is very small. In addition, in order to catch the time of flowering is also necessary to try.

In the South-West Africa has the Namib desert, where it grows very amazing plant, referred to as the Infinity (Welwítschia). It can easily grow in such extremely dry conditions, because as a water source it can use an ordinary fog. Besides, the Infinity is almost impossible to meet more than 100 kilometers from the coast — researchers believe that even at this distance, the plant could extract moisture from the soil. But after heavy rains it is generally awash in luxury, because the water moistens the earth to two-meter depth.

Yes, Wallichii can achieve so enormous in size

This plant is known to people since very old times. So, in the language of indigenous South African peoples, the Bushmen, it is referred to as "otji of tombo", which can be translated as "big sir." The discoverer of this plant is considered to be the Austrian batanik Pelvic Frederick, after whom it was named. But what is Infinity so interesting to scientists?

Another picture of Wallichii

It has at least two features. First, the leaves of this plant can grow up to 3 meter length. Secondly, Infinity is characterised by the extraordinary duration of life, because it is from 500 to 2000 years. Just imagine, this is growing a huge plant on the Ground and suddenly it turns out that it has gone through many generations of people.

In South Africa, apparently, a great number of interesting plants. Among them especially stands out Hydnora African (Hydnora africana), which looks like a monster from horror movies of the 80-ies. In addition to his "alien" species, this plant emits is not the most pleasant smell. About the purpose of the smell you probably already guessed — he's attracted to the plant pollinators.

Isn't that like a scene from a horror movie?

However, unlike other plants, Hydnora interacts with insects very aggressive. As soon as the fly lands on the surface, he instantly slams shut and keeps them inside. The insects are selected out only after the maturation of pollen and distribute them under other places.

On the island of Madagascar the fruits of this plant are considered a delicacy.

Despite all its fearsome appearance, Generous feed a lot of animals like monkey, jackals, foxes and so on. Sometimes parts of this plant are eaten and the locals South Africa — they remove the pulp of plants and seeds and add them to dishes. On the island of Madagascar, these Goodies are considered delicacies and are probably very expensive. And, of course, the plant is sometimes used for the treatment of various illnesses like problems with the cardiovascular system. Like it or not, is unknown, just a fact.

On the subject of unusual plants on our website there is another article — in it I talked about Lily Nepenthes Rajah (Nepenthes rajah). It is called the largest carnivorous plant that can eat tiny insects. However, sometimes they grow in places where insects are few. That though as-that to survive, they have to play the role of "toilet" for rodents and eat their faeces. Read more about this phenomenon you can read .

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