What's the trick uses the worst turtle to catch prey?

What's the trick uses the worst turtle to catch prey?

Yeah, friendly, these turtles can not be called.

At the moment scientists know about the existence of the 328 species of turtles that differ in habitat, body size, lifestyle and many other features. The leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is considered largest in its kind, but the most strange and tricky it can not be called. But, under these criteria is an excellent choice alligatoridae turtle (Macroclemys temminckii), the shell of which is covered with spikes, and for luring victims while hunting it uses its own language in the form of a worm. Well, that it looks strange and even frightening, and acts cleverly. The ideal candidate! In this article let us see what the world can stumble on these turtles, what they eat and dangerous for people. Spoiler: if they get angry, blood will cost.

Alligatoridae turtles, which are also known as "loggerhead", mainly live in the American basin of the Mississippi river. In other parts of our planet can hardly be found. To recognize them among the other turtles is quite simple, because these warlike turtles you hardly even saw on TV — compared to them even the teenage mutant ninja turtles seem harmless to toads. Alligatorfish turtles eyes are directed sideways on the nose is a hooked beak and a carapace covered with saw-tooth ridges. Yeah, the ultimate warrior, which is even better not to approach closely.

Made himself such a handsome man?

These turtles is alarming not only for its appearance but also the size. On average, the length of their body is about 1.5 meters, and the weight is 60 kilograms. However, according to some historical documents, people had to deal with these giants.

largest turtle:

The lifespan of turtles is 70-80 years. All this time they feed on different fish, but sometimes in their diet fall even snakes and similar creatures. As they are, perhaps, hunt units: first, the militant creation of a widely open mouth and stick out your tongue like a worm. They skillfully imitate the movements of these worms as long as some kind of victim does not bite the bait. The turtles then abruptly shut his mouth and eat prey. This whole process managed to capture , I advise you to look at.

With regard to the relationship of turtles and people here at all chance. If you take alligatorsoul a turtle in hand, it is widely disclose his mouth but doesn't bite. However, if it is long to hurt and annoyed, she could not withstand and break the skin to the blood. Believe me, a little nobody seems. Because there is evidence that these turtles sometimes attack and their relatives, the outer layer which cannot be called soft and unprotected. So that the human skin for them like gum, with a taste of juicy meat.

don't know what that means? It is the language of a turtle!

At the moment alligatoridae turtles are a vulnerable species and there are at least two reasons. First, humanity is highly polluting and animals and loss of natural habitats. Second, alligatoridae turtles are sometimes caught for making turtle soup in many countries it is strictly forbidden, but the clandestine chef obviously these trades.

But the turtles kills not only mankind, but nature itself. On our planet there is a gradual increase in temperature, again associated with human activities. Researchers have long found that the sex of turtles depends on the conditions in which contained eggs. If the eggs lying in the warm sand, some of them hatch into females, but if cold males. Now, in the time of global warming turtles will be born female, but males will clearly not be enough. This is a direct obstacle to the pairing, so if these creatures didn't help, they may disappear completely. Read more about emerging danger can be read .

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