New species of insects were named in honor of the heroes of Marvel

New species of insects were named in honor of the heroes of Marvel

You also see the face of Deadpool on the back of this insect?

Despite the fact that scientists from different corners of the planet working tirelessly, our planet is still poorly understood place. Every year researchers learn about the existence of hundreds of new species of animals and plants. In 2019, the Association of scientific research CSIRO (Australia) has opened 151 new species of insects, eight plants, two fish species and three subspecies of birds. The most interesting of these creatures were five varieties of insects that were named in honor of the author of comics Marvel Stan Lee (Stan Lee) and they invented superheroes: Deadpool, Thor, Loki and Black Widow. According to the researchers, the names were given for a reason — between the Creator of the famous comedians and his characters have a lot in common with the detected insects. The fact that the tiny creatures were named after the icons of pop culture, it may seem funny, but it does make some sense.

About why insects are honored to be named in honor of Stan Lee's superheroes, said . Australian scientists have discovered the insects belong to the family of robber flies (Asilidae). These carnivorous creatures possess big eyes, two wings and elongated bodies. Overall, its appearance, they resemble flies and dragonflies. They are impossible to meet in any place of the planet, except Australia. This is not surprising because the Australian nature full of unique creatures — recently there was discovered a variety of beautiful spiders, which . But first let's look at "comic book" insects, because they too are still handsome.

The First insect was named in honor of Stan Lee — now in the scientific literature, it appears as Daptolestes leei. A tiny creature was named in honor of the "father" of the Marvel universe because of external similarities with the respected writer. As a rule, before the public Stan Lee appeared in the big, dark glasses. Also, because of its venerable age, he had a very distinctive white moustache. He found the insect is also there, ranging from large, dark eyes and ending with the white mustache on the front of the face. You might find other similarities between the master and insects, please write in comments or .

Stan Lee and Daptolestes leei

The Second insect was named in honor of the cynical comic book hero Deadpool. However, after reading the name of the flying creatures, I guess this is pretty hard to Humorolethalis sergius. In Latin this phrase can be translated as "deadly humor". It is derived from the words "moist" (humorosus) and "dead" (lethalis). And the name of one of the most controversial Marvel heroes was given to the insect because his back has a pattern reminiscent of the mask of Deadpool. It's simple.

Deadpool and Humorolethalis sergius

The Third insect, which is worth mentioning is the "namesake" Black widow Daptolestes feminategus. This CTiR as a character, and Scarlett Johansson, dressed in a fitted black suit. This point is reflected in the title, because if you divide it into parts and divide by the Latin word, we get "woman" and "leather".

the Black widow and Daptolestes feminategus

The Fourth hero of our article is a copy of the Torah of the insect world — Daptolestes bronteflavus. In Latin it can be translated as "lightning blond". Well, that, in the films God of thunder played by actor Chris Hemsworth with painted in a light color hair. And in the comics he is depicted as the blonde wrestler, surrounded by lightning. A very fitting name for the insect, which is also dominated by light areas of the body.

tor and Daptolestes bronteflavus

And finally, the fifth insect named after his step-brother Thor, Loki — Daptolestes illusiolautus. From Latin, this name can be literally translated as "elegant deceit", that great character is a fantastic character. Yes, and in appearance between insect and comics hero there is one similarity in their image of not light colored, one dark.

Loki and Daptolestes illusiolautus

According to the CSIRO Juanita Rodriguez (Juanita Rodriguez) that insects are such recognizable names, there is a certain sense. Scientists plan to continue observing these creatures, because they can be useful to science. For example, in March 2020, researchers have discovered a new species of wasp road, which is found only on the spot . Since their discovery, they were being monitored — all interested in how to recover their population and whether they can do something to help. Also scientists have known insects, the poison which can be used for the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of diseases like epilepsy.

New insects are often named after celebrities. Recently, Finnish scientists have discovered a new species of spider on the back of which there is a picture in the face of the infamous Joker. This species was named in honor of actor Joaquin Phoenix, who played the role of this character in the movie 2019. About the unusual spider can read .


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