20 facts about the North pole that do not know everything

20 facts about the North pole that do not know everything

Northern plus very mysterious, but what we know about him?

Punish the world, where is it? Can the ball be edge? Thou not much to complain about and to be attached to some point, then this edge can be considered a pole. They really are reminiscent of the region from the point of view of how difficult it is to get there. North little plus globally give up from the South from the point of view of climate, but always remember when you want to say something like ”cold as the North pole.” What other facts and myths do you know about this place? Penguins, polar bears, frost? In this article you can find a lot of things you didn't know before. Twenty facts that will reveal the North pole in a new way.

1. In fact, the North plus can be different depending on how you look at it. From the point of view of magnetism and real magnetic pole — this is one point, and from the point of view of geographical coordinates — is completely different. Last considered to be just a part of the world, through which passes the axis of rotation of the planet. In different systems recites up to four North poles.

2. One of these poles is the so-called ”the North pole dip,” although sometimes there are other names. This is the place where the geomagnetic field is perpendicular to the surface of the Earth. It is as if sinking down. Hence the name.

North pole is constantly moving and that's fine.

3. the True magnetic North pole of the Earth is not permanent. Only in the last century from the territory of Canada to the territory of the Arctic ocean. The shift took place around 14 degrees, but this is not the limit.

4. In the history of the planet's poles have repeatedly changed places, and again and again will change. Abruptly it's not going to happen, so you can be calm. Assuming this happens, will be hardest hit navigation and animals, which tend to migrate — often they can sense magnetic fields and navigate by them.

North pole

5. therefore, when the needle of your compass is pointing North, it shows the point through which , and the same magnetic pole. That is, if you need the true top of the Earth, you will need to seek other targets.

6. Geomagnetic North pole — it is quite another. It is calculated using mathematical models based on an imaginary line running through the geomagnetic center of the Earth.

7. Earth there are South pole, but it is not diametrically opposed to the North. He is also constantly ”floats” and is currently about 14 degrees from the point where you could be if you were diametrically opposed to the North pole.

8. So who cares about the geomagnetic North? First and foremost, is hunters Aurora. The most beautiful Northern lights occur in an oval ring around the geomagnetic North pole.

Such a phenomenon can be found far not in each point of our planet.

9. While watching the Northern lights, you can get the compass and observe how it will behave. You will see one of three options. In the first case, the compass will show the place that showed up to this as it does not turn. In the second case, the compass will spin slowly and at some point may stop at any point. In the third case, the arrow may just point to something magnetic, for example, magnetic clasp on the trigger or bag.

And you know how it really is ?

10. Is the North pole, which never changes its position. It is North-Pole (in North pole), located in Alaska. This is a small settlement area of 10.9 square miles and with a population of just over 2,000 people. The North Floor is in the suburbs of Fairbanks, hundreds of miles from other North poles.

11. Alaskans who live in the North Gender, are not relevant to the present North pole, but very cleverly associate themselves with the character named Doc savage. About him wrote books and even made one movie. He was connected to the North pole and Alaskans consider it ”their”. It is necessary to them to pass the time.

And there lives Santa Claus.

12. And even a savage can pull to this place where the more famous Superman. Its creators were big fans of Doc and borrowed in the universe some of the details. Therefore, we can assume that these two characters something in common. At least, so think the residents of the North Floor.

13. In 2007, he set the Russian flag on the Arctic ocean at the North pole of the Earth.

14. Russian submarine was the first to set the flag, but was not the first that reached the North pole. In 1958 the first submarine, which reached the coveted point, was the American USS Nautilus.

To pass through the pole on the ship, just need an icebreaker.

15. Butthis was not the first case of the appearance of man on the North pole. First, people whose presence there is documented, was Robert E. Peary. It happened in 1909, and he got there .

16. If you continue to drip into history, there is one person that claims to have been to the North pole in 1908. His name is Frederick cook and he is an Arctic Explorer. However, many agree that he was the first — he had too much authority.

17. Interesting thing is not who was first, and what impact this has had but geopolitics. Peary claimed that he first got to the pole and this means that the territory belongs to the United States. But it didn't mean anything and for the Northern regions are still territorial disputes.

18. Such disputes for territory are due to the resources that lie on it. According to a study conducted in 2008 by the U.S. Geological survey, the Arctic holds 20 percent and natural gas on the planet.

Even where the ice is possible to extract oil and other minerals.

19. the Majority of oil and gas fields are likely to be found within a 200-mile exclusive economic zones belonging to countries with Arctic coastline. Analysts believe that the seabed directly on the North pole is about 2.5 miles beneath the waves. It is almost completely devoid of resources.

20. the Future of the North pole is uncertain. In 2014, the program ARISE, which needs to analyze how changes in the atmosphere can accelerate the melting of sea ice around the pole. Research before going, but the smoke without fire does not happen.

Source: scienews.com

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