First reviews: how fast is satellite Internet Starlink from Elon musk?

First reviews: how fast is satellite Internet Starlink from Elon musk?

In the Internet appeared the first reviews on the provider Starlink

American entrepreneur Elon Musk (Elon Musk) deals not only with the manufacture of electric cars and spaceships. In 2015, he created the company Starlink, the purpose of which is to ensure the Internet of residents of even the most remote corners of our planet. With thousands of space satellites for Internet distribution, the inhabitants of the villages will be able to go to social networks, watch YouTube and become a worldwide users. In the first half of 2020, amount of Starlink satellites in earth orbit exceeds 500 pieces, so the company decided to start the system in test mode. Internet from Elon musk could benefit from some residents of the United States and Canada. They measured the speed of upload and download files, and shared information about the delay (ping). In a nutshell, the Internet Starlink showed itself from the best side. But this is only the beginning.

The First user reviews of satellite Internet Starlink was published . Registration for beta testing in June — the company has selected people based on their location. The first test she decided to spend together with the residents of the Northern United States and southern Canada. She also provided a few rural areas of the U.S. state of Washington. For receiving signals from satellites in these regions has installed a special satellite dish. The company has not yet announced the cost of ground stations and monthly fee, but some foreign sources report about 100 dollars per month.

looks like the Starlink satellites for Internet distribution

Apparently, the participants had access to the Internet for free. They measured the indicators of satellite Internet Starlink with .

Features of the Internet Starlink:

Most Reddit users are interested in the delay, which is also known as ping. This indicator reflects the speed at which a computer or a smartphone sends commands to remote servers and receives them back. The higher it is the worse. High ping regular users are not particularly affected, because it almost does not affect the display of web pages. But fans of computer games from high ping suffer like no other, because in online games they will not be able to respond to events and lose.

the test results of the Starlink Internet service using the Speedtest

On average, the latency of satellite Internet Starlink is 40-50 milliseconds. With this particular ping problems should arise and it is quite a good indicator, especially for running in test mode provider. Reporters noted that the characteristics of the system Starking much better than the satellite provider HughesNet. For comparison, this provider gives users a download speed of 25 Mbps and return — up to 3 Megabits/s. the delay sometimes reaches 500 milliseconds, and the coverage area is much smaller than the brainchild of Elon musk.

According to representatives of Starlink, full-time job satellite Internet is scheduled for 2021. By this time in orbit of our planet will be even more Internet-satellites that will increase coverage and data rate. Ideally, the company wants to provide data speeds up to 1 Gigabit/s (120 MB/s). And all this for $ 100 per month. Some users on Reddit reported that at the moment, monthly pay providers $ 150 for more modest performance. And they're quite willing to become clients of the provider Starlink.

In the near future, our planet is surrounded by satellites Starlink

Until 2021 Elon musk and his many team have a lot of work to do. Into orbit you need to launch several hundred satellites, and after all there should be 12 000 units. Satellites need to be improved — at the moment the company is trying to make sure that they not shone in the sky. And all because their illumination prevents astronomers to study distant planets. In addition to all this, have something to do with ground stations to receive signals, because while they are very expensive.

How does satellite Internet Starlink previously told my colleague Ilya Hel. Soon the news about the Internet Elon musk will be more, so I recommend you right now.


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