Record the amount of methane in the Earth's atmosphere: where does it come from and what is dangerous?

Record the amount of methane in the Earth's atmosphere: where does it come from and what is dangerous?

the Red color shows the area of the Earth with the highest concentration of methane in the atmosphere

The Whole world still worries about the spread of the coronavirus, almost forgetting that the problems we have always had bulk. For many years scientists have warned us about the dire consequences of global warming. According to them, the temperature on our planet is constantly increasing, which can lead to the melting of glaciers raising ocean levels, and consequently to the flooding of cities. Do not forget about the fact that the temperature of the air depend the lives of many thousands of plants and animals — they can die. The warming of the planet is due to the greenhouse effect arising from the accumulation in the atmosphere of various gases. Roughly speaking, they form a dome that turns the Earth into a huge, warm greenhouse. The most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, but the most dangerous is the methane, which is the strongest of all keeps the heat. Scientists have found that its concentration in recent years has greatly increased.

Alarming news shared research , with reference to the report of researchers from the organization . According to the report, thanks to the quarantine, declared during a pandemic coronavirus, the air in many cities . Many people sat in their homes and almost never traveled by car. Besides, closed many businesses, whose activity is accompanied by emissions into the air large quantities of carbon dioxide, which is also known as carbon dioxide. However, according to scientists, the quarantine did not affect the more dangerous emissions of methane, which trap heat in the above-mentioned 29 times better than carbon dioxide.

That, because of the pandemic coronavirus methane emissions decreased as much as carbon emissions, hope not. We still heated our homes and buildings, and agriculture continues to grow, — declared the head of the Global Carbon Project Rob Jackson (Rob Jackson).

The Researchers made a very logical conclusion, because the major sources of methane are agriculture, heating and oil production. According to the calculations of researchers, each living on our planet daily, a cow produces up to 500 litres of methane — this gas occurs in their digestive system. Also methane is actively used as fuel for various furnaces. And finally, methane is one of the gases dissolved in oil — the extraction of "black gold" is also emitted huge amounts of greenhouse gas.

Some scientists manage tolerate methane directly from the digestive system of cows for future use as fuel

Command Global Carbon Project studied the amount of methane emissions in the period from 2000 to 2017 — during this time they have the most complete data. As it turned out, at the beginning of the XXI century in the atmosphere of our planet were thrown about 324 million tons of methane per year. In 2017, the amount emitted into the air of carbon dioxide has increased significantly — on average, humanity produced about 364 million tons of methane. According to scientists, the amount of methane emissions for two decades has increased by 12%. The most dangerous sources of steel farms, dumps and extraction of fossil fuels.

it is believed that a herd of 200 cows per year emit so much methane, how much is enough car to overcome 180,000 kilometers

Most of the methane produced in Africa, the middle East, South Asia and Oceania. It's the last time, expanded the farm, cattle and increased the intensity of oil and methane. According to the report, in recent years the amount of methane emissions into the air in these areas has increased by 10-15 million tons. If we consider that over time emissions will continue to increase, the temperature on our planet .

But what to do to avoid the disastrous consequences? The amount of emitted methane cows can be reduced by using higher quality feed — the process of digestion will be faster with the formation of a minimum amount of gas. The researchers also call for reducing the use of fossil fuels and look for their leaks by using drones with special sensors. Only here you will listen the world to calls of scientists — the big question.

About the methods of stopping the progression of global warming I have already written . Only in this article I talked more about carbon dioxide. Even though he is weaker than methane in terms of heat retention, its danger is still great. I recommend reading about the gas, too — happy reading!


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