15 of the best quotes of albert Einstein about science and life

15 of the best quotes of albert Einstein about science and life

albert Einstein was synonymous with the word «Genius». Yes, with a capital letter.

No wonder they say that a talented person is talented in everything. The genius can also be called a talent because it is a unique feature of a person to be intelligent, prudent, and find a simple explanation for complex things. Said perfect to albert Einstein, which is the most famous scientist in the history of science. He not only formulated a complex theory of relativity, but was able to very clearly and with a fine touch of humor to speak about simple things. About those things that surround each of us in everyday life. From this his personality becomes more interesting, and quotations — eternal.

Albert Einstein really was a genius. The name Muhammad Ali has become synonymous with a person who ”fights”. The name Michael Schumacher has become synonymous with someone who quickly goes. And the name of the albert Einstein has become synonymous with genius. He was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, and his contribution to human knowledge cannot be overstated.

Physicist conducted pioneering research and tell us how it works our . It was not just a fantastic story, he proved all of his words and convinced other scientists that he was right. It and to this day, although there are more and more new data that could refute his work, but never did.

It was he who formulated the Theory of relativity and told about the existence of gravitational waves a century before the modern scientists have recorded them. Einstein was not just a brilliant researcher. He was a deep scholar and a philosopher who knew exactly how to describe the human condition.

In the eyes of a man there is a lot more than boundless love for the science.

Einstein, like any other person, in life there were UPS and downs. Despite them, he continued on his way and did it knowingly. Perhaps these UPS and downs have taught him to look differently at the world around him and to treat everything with irony, as evidenced by his quotes.

In this paper, we present fifteen quotes of albert Einstein, that he answered not only questions about what he was doing, but for regular life issues. Some of them we ask ourselves and others consistently, others on the contrary give us an idea about what we don't know.

albert Einstein about time.

Translation: When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour it seems a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove a minute — and it seems longer than any hour. It is .

albert Einstein on happiness.

Translation: a Happy man is too satisfied with the present to think too much about the future.

albert Einstein about education.

Translation: Most teachers waste their time by asking questions designed to determine what the student knows at that time how true art is to ask the question is to find out what the student knows or can know.

albert Einstein about the mystery of physics.

Translation: the Eternal lies in its comprehensibility. The fact that it is comprehensible is a miracle.

albert Einstein about the praise.

Translation: the Only way to avoid spoiled the effect of praise — is to continue to work.

albert Einstein about understanding people's time.

Translation: People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is nothing like the stubborn, obstinate illusion.

albert Einstein about evil.

Translation: it is Easier to denature than to denature the evil spirit of man.

albert Einstein on the exterior.

Translation: If I started to take care of myself and I was no longer myself.

albert Einstein on scientific progress.

Translation: One thing I've learned in a long life: all our science, studied in spite of the reality, is primitive and child — and yet it is the most valuable thing we have.

albert Einstein of politics.

Translation: Nationalism — it is a childhood disease. It is the measles of the human race.

albert Einstein about following rules.

Translation: Unthinking respect for authority — is the greatest enemy of truth.

albert Einstein on consciousness.

Translation: Man was endowed with sufficient intelligence to see clearly how inadequate this intelligence, when he is faced with what really exists.

albert Einstein about imagination.

Translation: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination comprehensive.

albert Einstein onbias.

Translation: Common sense — is nothing more than a prejudice laid down in the mind before you turned eighteen.

albert Einstein about the unknown.

Translation: the best experience that we can obtain — mysterious… He who does not know can not ask a question and don't be surprised, almost dead and his eyes grew dim.

The above quotation once again proves that Einstein knew a lot, but other than that, he thought of many things and many . If you with something do not agree, you can speak to .

It now seems that his quotes in the style of ”Captain Obvious”, but the wheel and running water now, too, seem somewhat trivial, but once someone has invented them out of nothing, changing our lives and making what we love.

Around and quotes by great people. Suppose that some of this is a truism, but they are so finely clothe it in words and print on paper. We can only learn from the experience of previous generations and try on this basis to leave something to the future. Don't be like Bob! Be like Einstein!

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