Artificial intelligence has discovered the secret to a happy relationship

Artificial intelligence has discovered the secret to a happy relationship

it Seems that scientists have figured out the secret to a happy relationship

Romance is a very complex phenomenon. Perhaps, on our planet there is no person who could be considered an expert in this matter. In search of the perfect pair, some people are trying to use all sorts of lists the compatibility of zodiac signs and other heresy. Scientists also believe that personal qualities like age and character, very significant role in romantic relationships do not play. In their opinion, in this case more importantly, what kind of relationship eventually want to build both of a person — if they truly have the same goal, then all will be well. The extension of such findings of scientists pushed artificial intelligence, which analyzed data on over 11,000 couples collected during different scientific studies on the topic of romantic relationships. It seems that computer intelligence is largely right.

On the conducted research work was described in science . For several decades, many scientists tried to figure out what is the secret of happy relations between men and women. Behind examples far to walk not necessary. Recently Love Sokovikova told about the study in which scientists decided to find out — can people's differences become the basis for ? It turned out that no. The results of the study were not surprising, because in the experiment, with the participation of more than 700 thousand volunteers revealed that bring people together can, for example, the presence of the same mental illness.

Some studies show that the presence of the same "cockroaches in the head" — the key to a happy relationship

These research works over the past decades, there were many, but the secret to a happy relationship scientists have not been found. Conduct another study would be costly and inconclusive, so the scientists went the other way. They decided to combine the results of many scientific works, study them and see what happens. Only at the disposal of scientists were data on more than 11,000 couples collected in the framework of 43 scientific papers. To independently analyze a set of data scientists was not under force, so they entrusted the task to a computer algorithm "random forest" ().

Artificial intelligence has shown scientists some very interesting statistics. According to her, the level of relations between a man and a woman largely depends on what they want to achieve in the end. Thus, factors of a happy relationship were such variables as:

Simply put, the more a man and a woman invested in building a strong and happy relationship — the better. But such indicators as age, social status, traits and various "cockroaches in the head" to affect the quality of the relationship is not as strong as it might seem. In General, between partners can be a big age difference, and they can be arbitrarily bad — the main thing that between them was the mutual understanding and mutual desire to create a healthy relationship.

Scientists believe that common interests are more important than traits

However, among personal qualities, scientists have identified several characteristics that can add to the attitude fly in the ointment. These include:

At least one of these qualities is present in a huge number of people, but this does not mean that relationships are doomed. The research explained that if both partners bring into the relationship above feelings of gratitude and mutual satisfaction of needs, all will be well. Of course, the results of the study cannot be considered ultimate truth, but to listen to him — that is, at least, logical.

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