From what place on Earth better to see the starry sky?

From what place on Earth better to see the starry sky?

a starry sky you can meet not everywhere

If you live in a big city and decide to go outside to look at the starry sky, the most you'll see is a couple of blurry dots. In General, no romance. So if you really want to enjoy a scattering of lights and make a wish under a falling star, you need to get out of town. Ideally, if your site will not be brightly lit buildings, factories and highways, and the weather is cloudless. To find a place and conditions, of course, very difficult. But did you know that on our planet there are few places where to enjoy the starry sky is possible in any weather, and a few hours? Most of them are located on high mountains, formed along the equator. Recently scientists have found another place that surely would like to travel to all lovers of romance. But it is necessary to dress warmly, because frostbite is not long to wait.

The place where it is best to see the starry sky, was described in a scientific . In the framework of the research, scientists from China, Australia and the UK studied the clear sky over Antarctica. Special attention of researchers attracted the highest ice dome on the Antarctic plateau, known as dome A (Dome A). This is one of the most remote and coldest places on our planet, so if someone will be able to be there, he will get two impressions. First, he is delighted to be tried before him, the starry sky, and then be appalled that his limbs begin to freeze.

About here is the dome

Conditions on the dome And really extreme. It is located 1,200 kilometers from the ocean, so the first fans of the stars will have to walk. The height of this elevation is 4 kilometers to go upstairs, we need to put more efforts and to show all its extract. And when they reached the top, you need to somehow keep warm. Believe me, this cold you hardly ever have experienced, because the air temperature on the dome And reaches -90 degrees Celsius.

Good review on the stars from the dome And is due to several factors. First, it is located almost in the middle of the Antarctic plateau. Due to the strong distance from any of the buildings and equipment, in this region there is no light pollution. Second, at this altitude there is no dust and gas, which we always think that the stars twinkle to see such a clear starry sky far from all the people. Thirdly, some sources claim that this part of the world the review is not even affected in-orbit satellites.

what over the dome And no satellites, it is hard to believe. They still have to fly over it because their are thousands of

Scientists believe that this place is one of the best places to build telescopes. While the telescope is already there — it's called PLATO. Thanks to the clear sky, scientists are able to access the vast array of new space objects that are not visible to other observatories. Of course, its capabilities can't compare with the power of a space telescope "Hubble". But even he will soon leave on "pension" — for a replacement for this old man will come a new "James Webb" — its launch recently . It is hoped that the plans of space Agency NASA did not hurt because of the postponement of the launch has not considered.

Space Observatory "James Webb"

In fact, telescopes are built on the surface of our planet anyhow. Before construction, the researchers carefully choose the place to build the Observatory. They need places with very clean air, such regions were found in the South American country of Chile and the American state of Hawaii. However, structures for tracking celestial objects are built and in cities where the sky cannot be called perfectly clean.

Due to the construction of telescopes, the science is very quick to jump forward. Recently, thanks to space Observatory Solar Dynamics Observatory, the NASA was able to show us a 10-year-old fragment from the life of the Sun. The video was one of the most interesting and impressive in recent times and has garnered over 3 million views on YouTube.!


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