Air conditioning with air cleaning is a modern necessity?

Air conditioning with air cleaning is a modern necessity?

Modern split-system must be able to clear the air

Every year the climate on our planet is changing, and not for the better. If earlier about this basically said the only scientists, but now the effects of global warming are gradually beginning to feel a lot of people. The same Arctic that 100 years ago represented a Kingdom of ice, is now warming twice as fast than the rest of the world, creating ecological havoc for plants and animals. No wonder this summer and fall climatologists promise anomalous heat.

On the one hand, there is nothing bad in warm weather, but if the window several days in a row +30 degrees Celsius, the house becomes uncomfortable. It is logical that many immediately think about buying a split system, go to "Yandex.Market" and choose one of the cheap, believing that "they are all the same". Actually it is not — modern split-systems can not only cool the air and heat (which is especially important in the period off the heating), but even the clean it!

Modern split system- part of the ecosystem of any home. In our time it should be able to no less than a good modern mobile phone. Time fans and conventional air conditioning long gone. Modern split-system should not just to heat or cool, but filter the air. It does not strain noise at work and look stylish to fit into the interior. Such as Evolution Super DC Inverter from Electrolux — air-conditioning with air purification. In the current situation, when the whole world was put on quarantine because of a virus, it is a very relevant feature.

This innovative split system is able to filter the air due to the electrostatic particle Nanoe. They represent negatively charged ions with increased volume of moisture. Particles able to capture the microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mold spores).

In fact, particles are generated from moisture in the air, so the module practically does not wear out or require periodic replacement. Every time Electrolux Evolution works, it fills the air with these particles, thereby reducing the number of bacteria and fungi in the room, and 99.9% of viruses neytralizuya in 2 hours of its operation. Due to the circulation 700 cu. m/hour more than room air passes through the split system, the clearer it becomes!

Clean air will be a nice addition to the main functions

However, even when the split system is off, the antibacterial coating prevents the propagation of harmful bacteria inside the device and their release into the air.

Evolution of Super DC Inverter

The advantages of inverter systems also include:

Speaking of simple, the inverter system can be compared with a system of climate control in the car. In contrast, the same conditioning, it adjusts smoothly and accurately maintains temperature at a comfortable level.

Looks good

Inverter split systems are now quite a lot, but what is different Evolution Super DC Inverter, as is the presence of inverter compressor and h in the internal and external unit (Full DC). In the external block split-systems installed DC inverter fan motor, while in many others — AC AC motor. What gives? Firstly, it is reliability and efficiency. Second, it allows Electrolux Evolution to heat the room even when the window is -20!

In these split systems have a motor in the indoor unit.

Last but not least — when working on heating this split system consumes less energy than any household heater (convector, oil cooler and so on). How? On consumed 1 kWh of energy split system produces 3.6 kW, it is very energy efficient. Many people often run conventional heaters at home, and then wonder why come so big energy bill. Here this will not happen.

Not to mention the fact that it increases the reliability of the whole structure, not for nothing the manufacturer gives warranty 7 (!) years, while the usual split-systems that provide no more 5 years warranty.

Included with Evolution Super DC Inverter is optional remote control with Russian buttons, controls andbacklight. The remote is very ergonomic. In the hand is better than your favorite smartphone. The buttons are large and comfortable. All as informative as possible.

Handy remote will help you control air conditioning from anywhere in your home

According to the latest data, the temperature on the Antarctica Peninsula rose rapidly in the second half of the twentieth century, and modern climate models predict that this trend will continue in the coming decades. Obviously, the average temperature will continue to rise, and such a clever split-system will be very useful, especially if air conditioning with air purification. And good energy efficiency will help with all this, not to cause additional harm to the planet.


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